Our Programs

Building on a track record that includes 26 years of camp, and more than 10,000 students impacted, Today’s Youth Matter takes a holistic approach that includes facets of educational pathways, character building, leadership development, spiritual formation and family interaction.

We offer four unique settings that build upon one another while also welcoming students at any point in their lives.  Our mentors, counselors and coaches are trained to meet students right in the often-messy realities they face.

In each experience, students engage with an age-appropriate and situationally-impactful blend of mentorship, life skills and tools to build resilience, character, leadership and a unique growth mindset. Through guiding, teaching, leading and modeling actions, students are encouraged to thrive, not just cope, and discover their true potential.

At the center is Christ.

This week-long, full-service overnight camp experience provides fun and adventure with friends and a team of caring leaders. Camp opens the door to connect with God and launch a camper’s faith.

Core Focus Areas: Fun, Adventure, Challenge, Truth of God’s Word, Respite, Communities of Trust, Modeling Authentic Relationships

For many students, after school is being home alone or spending time on the streets – both known contributors to risky behaviors. THRIVE! replaces that time with regular, productive interaction with mentors, peers and community partners who genuinely care about them and their families.

Core Focus Areas: Academic Enrichment, STEM Learning, Growth Mindset, Tutors, Parent Support, College & Career Readiness, Academic Ownership, Decision Making, Goal Setting, Tutors, Parent Support

Kids Club focuses on introducing children to Christ and helping them apply his teachings to the issues they face in their everyday life.  Our leaders utilize recreational and even comedic approach to interacting with children, including creative games, music and activities.

Core Focus Areas: Spiritual Foundation, Mentorship, Character Development/Life Skills

This year-long experience is a pivotal time period in each teen’s life – no matter if they come from affluent or impoverished backgrounds. The lessons learned throughout the cohort extend well into adulthood, covering topics such as spiritual leadership, cultural competency and emotional intelligence.

Core Focus Area: Service, Personal Development, Discipleship, Leadership Training, Relational Wisdom