Our Mission
Transforming the lives of urban youth
Our 2025 Vision
To grow as a Catalyst for Youth Development, actively transforming the lives of Bay Area urban youth.
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Challenges in the Bay Area's Lower-Income Communities:

    • Crime, racial tension, gangs, violence
    • Underperforming schools, lack of resources
    • Family issues: fatherlessness, addiction, instability
    • Many children from broken homes or foster care


    • Unfulfilled lives, continuation of community problems
    • Diverse reactions: violence, substance abuse, unhealthy relationships
    • Loss of self-worth and potential

TYM's Mission:

    • Aims to alter the life path of these children
    • Focuses on empowerment and becoming part of the solution
    • Offers a Transformational Journey for students from elementary through high school
    • Together, we can uplift kids and communities

Your Role:

    • Join Today’s Youth Matter in supporting kids through this transformation
    • Help change lives and improve communities
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As a result, they learn

  • to believe they are worth more.
  • to overcome challenges and enter a life of hope and thriving.
  • to rise above any situation they face for the rest of their lives.
  • to act boldly in the face of adversity.
  • to know the love of Christ in their lives.

Meet Our Board Members

Glenda Roberts
Larry Oliver
  • Vice Chair
Dr Carole McKindley-Alvarez
Pat Stordahl
Mark Corti
Sandy Soule
  • Treasurer
Jackie Marston