Our Approach

We offer students a Transformational Journey experience – a learning pathway – that encompasses a reliable and unique blend of mentorship, life skills and tools to help students build up resilience, character and leadership qualities while continually pointing them toward Christ.

In camp and after-school settings, TYM mentors, counselors and tutors meet students right in the often-messy realities they face. Through guiding, teaching, leading and modeling actions, we take every opportunity to encourage students to thrive, not just cope, and discover their true potential.

We speak into the very real trauma so many students face with the language of hope in the following ways:


Improving kids Social and Emotional Learning while encouraging them to develop a true relationship with Christ, we foster the growth of characteristic and behavioral qualities like integrity, respect, trust and responsibility.


Gospel-centered teaching and an approach to mentorship modeled after Christ’s discipleship are core underpinnings to every TYM experience – in word and in deed. It’s this facet of our work that completes the comprehensive approach to building authentic relationships with students.


Research shows us that there are specific ways that adults can help young people to reach inside and discover their deep motivation to learn, grow, and connect with others. What young people DO need from adults is a strong web of transformational relationships. We have discovered approaches and practices grounded in relationship-building that have proven to make a difference in student motivation.


Our emphasis on character development and increasing responsibility is the capstone to a TYM experience, as well as a current that runs throughout every program from elementary to high school. Utilizing researched-based methods, our curriculum meets students where they are in their diverse backgrounds. We teach practical skills and encourage students through mentor relationships, so that students are empowered to be and lead long-term solutions for themselves, their families and their communities.


Understanding that growth and development doesn’t happen in a vacuum, we work with a student’s family and caregivers whenever possible to encourage an enriching environment and enable growth as an entire family unit.

As a result, they learn to believe they are worth more.
To overcome challenges and enter a life of hope and thriving.
To rise above any situation they face for the rest of their lives.
To act boldly in the face of adversity.
To know the love of Christ in their lives.