Aisha’s Transformational Journey

For low-income families in the Bay Area, emerging from several years of COVID-induced isolation is a s-l-o-w process. While those of us in more resourced circumstances have perhaps emerged long ago from those fears and restrictions, families in low-income circumstances continue to struggle. Through our summer season of Family Fest, Day Camp and Overnight Camp God has blessed us with dozens of rekindled relationships and brand new ones. The video above is a visual and audible version of our most recent appeal letter. IF you never received or read that letter, please sit back for a moment and take in Aisha's story and Transformational Journey. And IF you do recall receiving and reading the letter, please also take a moment to recall this child's story and journey and prayerfully ask God, "who is one person you want me to share this with?" 

Aisha was alone, angry and on a rocky path with no hope in site. Her anger often pushed other people away. But her path was about to change.

May we count on you to make an investment in Bay Area kids that could impact them into eternity? Your gift will make a difference in kids, like Aisha, and the people who love them.

Click on the image below to view a full copy of the letter.