Who We Are


TYM’s Mission: Transforming the lives of urban youth

Our 2025 Vision: To grow as a Catalyst for Youth Development, actively transforming the lives of Bay Area urban youth.

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In lower income communities of the Bay Area, students struggle to overcome the pervasive challenges of crime, racial tension, gangs, violence, low performing schools, lack of resources, fatherlessness, addiction and family instability.

As a result, most end up with an unfulfilled life. Worse, they become part of the problem as adults. Adding to the challenge, many children come from broken homes or are in the foster care system. Heroes, like Ms. Brown are the exception to the rule.

In the face of this very real and tangible poverty, every student responds differently. Some choose to act out in violence, while others choose substance abuse. Some engage in or become victims of sexual assault, and others stay in unhealthy relationships. Too often, their inner belief in themselves as made in the image of God takes a hit simply by living in these unchangeable environments.

TYM seeks to change the path these kids are on. We cannot fix the problems inherent in the community, but we can help our kids find a way up. Our goal is to help kids become part of the solution for themselves and their community. The more kids we help, the more communities can be lifted. Together with Today’s Youth Matter, you can help hurting kids enter a Transformational Journey from elementary school through high school that will change the trajectory of their lives

As a result, they learn to believe they are worth more.
To overcome challenges and enter a life of hope and thriving.
To rise above any situation they face for the rest of their lives.
To act boldly in the face of adversity.
To know the love of Christ in their lives.