THRIVE! -4- Kids

Small Group Mentoring

Enrollment for the Fall 2023 Season of THRIVE!-4-Kids is OPEN and the online application below. The ten-week small group mentoring experience begins early October through mid-December. Space is limited.  An informational flyer is available in both Spanish  or English.

IF your family is new to THRIVE/TYM, you are free to enroll and/or direct your questions to Area Director, Moi Ramirez via phone or text: 510-980-7177

IF you are a veteran family, please consider who you can share THRIVE with -- neighbor, classmate, friends from church. Text them the link to this page with a short note that says, "We are participating in this small group mentoring program. Click here to learn more and consider joining us. :- )"

The upcoming Football Game & Tailgate party is for the ENTIRE family. We will have the opportunity to go on the field and make a "tunnel" for the players to enter the game. An excellent, tasty lunch will be provided prior to the game during the "tailgate" time. Let us know you are coming via a text to: 510-980-7177. And on the day of the game, look for the tall, blue, TYM flag in the parking lot at Noon time. :- )

Learn About THRIVE!-4-Kids from Area Director, Moises Ramirez - Highlights of past seasons

Area Director, Moises Ramirez provides an invitation and an overview of a prior season of THRIVE!-4-Kids. At right is a flyer from the Spring 2023 season to give you a flavor of the mix of face-to-face events and the weekly pod meetups that take place one evening a week from 6:30p-7:30p. Some of the face-to-face events are for the entire family while others are for the THRIVE kids and their leader coaches to deepen their relationship bonds.

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Beginning March 9th
Pod sessions are held online on
Thursdays 6:30p-7:30p.