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TYM Virtual Camp – July 2021!

Because of camp cancellations and continued quarantine restrictions, TYM has developed a HYBRID camp experience — one that has a face-to-face element as well as a virtual element — and an experience that captures each camper’s imagination and immerses them in a shared story of this year’s theme, “Let you light SHINE!”. We are committed to creating a safe environment, connecting campers & leaders to one another and pointing them towards God. Each camp session will begin with a face to face KickOff Day on the Sunday afternoon of our camp week. This will make forming teams of boys and girls GREAT! — we’ll know faces and names, share belly laughs and play wild games together. This will make our Mon-Fri mornings of virtual camp AMAZING as we greet one another by name and continue our camp adventure together. Keep reading to learn more about TYM and this summer’s camp leadership opportunity.

Senior Team Leaders Make a Difference!

TYM offers 5-day summer camps for children entering 3rd to 6th grade.  TYM Camp is a place where children really experience the exhilaration of a community of youth creating new memories together through adventure, games & friendships — old and new.  Because every child needs and deserves lots of love and attention we run our camps with small cabin teams that match 2-3 Team Leaders (aka camp counselors) with 6-8 campers to form a family that adventures together as a cabin team.  

During the day teams play games, face other cabins for challenges, make arts and crafts and have fun! Each camp day we also gather all the teams for skits, music & wacky games at Club time where the campers also receive the message: God loves you – no matter what.

The volunteer staff team is integral to caring for kids in a dramatic way that allows campers to discover more about themselves, others and God’s amazing creation. If you love kids and love God, TYM Camp is the place where those two loves come together.

YOU…Bring Camp to LIFE!

Step #1 is…check the dates below to make sure you are available for camp and the training series.

Summer Camp 2020 is for children entering 3rd to 6th grade (ages 9-12). Gender specific cabins will be formed.

Girls & Boys – combined camp with separate cabin teams

Session 1: June 20-25
Kickoff Day:
Face to Face in Richmond (Salesian HS): Sun, June 20th – 2:00pm-5:00pm
Virtual Camp Week: Mon, June 21st – Fri, June 25th – 9am – 1pm

Session 2: July 18-23
Kickoff Day:
Face to Face in Richmond (Salesian HS): Sun, July 18th – 2:00pm-5:00pm
Virtual Camp: Mon, July 19th – Fri, July 23rd – 9am – 1pm

Mandatory Training Sequence:

> Online training modules that require 2-3 hours total (self-paced)
> Attend at least ONE 3-hour LIVE (remote) training sessions to prepare for your experience working at camp.

    • Live Training via Zoom Session 1:  (late May) – 6pm-9pm  OR
    • Live Training via Zoom Session 2: (late May) – 6pm-9pm

Are you available for at least one camp session and training dates? If so, proceed to step #2…reviewing the summer camp volunteer requirements.

High Impact Summer Camps for At Risk Kids — since 1991

Today’s Youth Matter is a Bay Area Christian organization operating summer camps for disadvantaged, urban kids from 8-12 years old. The children we serve live in poverty, with a legacy of trauma, which makes them vulnerable to a multitude of risk factors that derails their prospect for success. As an organization, TYM is dedicated to changing the life trajectory of these at risk youth to take them from where they are to where God intends them to be. We call this the “Transformational Journey”.

Camp is critical step in this journey; thus, kids’ lives are dramatically influenced and will have an impact on future decisions by the quality of our volunteers. Christian leadership is a vital role that requires volunteers to help us translate God’s love for them. Our selection process reflects a commitment to our vision and values.

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