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Greetings TYM Champion! Please ENJOY this audio/video version of the letter you received in the mail. Our way of bringing the amazing story of Daniel & Damon's Transformational Journey to life. Note: if you didn't receive the letter, no worries -- you will find it below on this page. 

After experiencing it for yourself will you please share it with someone you believe would be encouraged by it? This simple link: tymkids.org/letter and a simple note like, "I have been a fan/supporter/donor/champion (pick your favorite) of Today's Youth Matter for awhile. I believe you will enjoy and appreciate this video story like I did. Let me know what you think." 

Our most faithful donors and veteran volunteers are often introduced by another champion just like YOU! In fact, who introduced you to TYM?

PS - after you take in the "video letter", please let us know you were here by signing the virtual "guest book" below. Thx!

"I consistently prayed for my boys to have loving, caring support (that) would bring out the goodness in them, speaking the truth of God into them."

Mama Erica

Mother of two boys that have participated in THRIVE!-4-Kids mentoring and Summer Camp

May we count on you to make an investment in Bay Area kids that could impact them into eternity?
Your gift will make a difference in kids, like Daniel & Damon, and the people who love them.

Greetings! Thank you for visiting. We hope you truly enjoyed and immersed in the "video letter" on this web page. It is Champions of the TYM cause like you that make each child's Transformational Journey possible, whether through your financial gifts, volunteer time or your special skills. Many hands and hearts bring the ministry of TYM to life! The video letter is just one story and it is our goal to make sure 100% of our current donors, volunteers and partners view it as a THANK YOU from us and a REMINDER that God is always at work, using real people like you to impact the lives of underserved kiddos.

Click on the image below to view a full copy of the letter.

"Families that live in despair or don't have any hope have a hard time changing. TYM doesn't let go of your hand - they continue to find ways to bring out the best in you. No matter what."

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