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I AM…a teen 16-18 yrs old. I want to learn more about being a:

Team Leader

I AM…19-89 yrs old. I want to learn more about being a:

Senior Team Leader

In lower income communities of the Bay Area, students struggle to overcome the pervasive challenges of crime, racial tension, gangs, violence, low performing schools, lack of resources, fatherlessness, addiction and family instability.  But we have seen the power of the Transformational Journey to help students build up resilience, character and leadership qualities through Christ right in the midst of those circumstances.

The strength of our program relies almost entirely on volunteers throughout the year.

The majority of our volunteers attend summer camp, but there are many other ways to get involved with Today’s Youth Matter!

How will you be part of their Journey?

Pick Your Passion

What area matches your gifting and desire to serve?  Choose an experience in which to serve and we’ll give you the training you need to be encouraging and effective.


On any of the pages devoted to an experience, click the “Apply” button and let us know about you and your interest.  We’ll be in touch soon!

Background Check

For your protection and the safety of our children and youth, all volunteers who interact with students are background checked.  Let us know if you have any questions.

Attend a Training

We hold trainings on a regular basis and you will need to attend one in order to serve.  It’s a great way to get to know our mission and learn how we provide a highly relational and impacting experience for students.

Apply for a Volunteer Position
Camp Team Leaders

Get away and dive into deep relationships

Commitment level: 1 week in the summers, 1 weekend in the winter, ongoing connection with students throughout the year

Who is qualified: Anyone (16+) with a heart for service to young students and teens, and a desire to be in the outdoors.


Help children understand the love of the Gospel…and have fun!

Commitment level: Weekly for 2 hours. 

Who is qualified: Anyone 18+ with a heart to serve young leaders in a highly-relational capacity, that includes both structured and outside of official meeting times.

Mentors & Classroom Assistants

Teach students the love of learning and help them make the grade

Commitment level: Weekly during after school times

Who is qualified: Anyone who is eager to help youth in their academic journey while encouraging their identity.


Grow in character with your peers

Commitment level: Weekly during after school times

Who is qualified: Anyone 18+ who wants to energetically share the Gospel with young students. 

Organizational Support

Gifted with tech and computers or graphic design?  Have a knack for organizing or just want to help out but can’t make the commitment to direct student work?  There’s a place for your help. 

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