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TYM’s Pursuit of Resilience

Greetings TYM Champions!

In recent months, many of you have inquired, “What has been happening with our TYM kids during these virus times?” and, “What are some of the plans going forward?”. Both are great questions!

The super short answer is….below in the video. ;- )  This video gets beyond “the short” answer and our prayer is that this short story will educate you some and excite you A LOT about the vision that God is ushering in. Will you please carve out 5-minutes now or later today to click on the video below that answers both questions and many more? And if you have a spouse and/or family in the house, gather ’round to watch together.

Okay, the short answer to the questions above is, it has been a wild and challenging season requiring lots of creativity to stay in touch with and engage with our TYM kids. While we are grateful that technology has allowed us to “see” one another, kids and leaders alike are excited to be in one another’s presence sooner vs. later.

Looking forward we are VERY excited about plans for an upgraded version of our THRIVE! Youth Academy that will re-launch in the Fall as a group mentoring program that will not only serve more kids, it will also serve them more deeply than in years past. We love this “more kids AND more deeply” combination — and most importantly — we believe this first cohort of 36-40 5th graders (and their families!) will love THRIVE 3.0 too. And on the camp front, while we are disappointed that our camp site is not hosting guests this summer, we are excited about our “hybrid-camp” that will include a combination of day camp and virtual connection time.

We praise God for the amazing provision of our champions’ collective time, talent & treasure that has made TYM as a ministry resilient to weather a pandemic. And for what? So that we can love on, share the Gospel with and help build the resilience of our kids as they navigate the many challenges they face.

Kindest Regards,

Billy Coleman, Executive Director


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